Submission and Authors Guidelines

For the time being, Wraparound is closed to Submissions.  Please check back with us in 2014, and 

Submission Guidelines

Wraparound accepts unsolicited submissions of poems, fiction stories, nonfiction stories, and essays that are previously unpublished literary works during the following times of the year or several times a year. We encourage reading earlier issues and submissions in our magazine to get a feel for the type of work we publish. Wraparound values work that intrigues the mind’s eye and entices the senses while reading.

Writers should limit submissions to 3-5 poems, one story, or one essay preferably under 10,000 words. Please only send one submission under each genre per reading period. Our response time is about 4 – 6 weeks.

Please inform us by way of email at if your work is published else where, due to our inability to republish previously published works, including internet publications.

Please submit works to our submission manager at Submishmash Link.


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