Wraparound  is a literary parlor for lovers of literature, a leisure stop for those who enjoy both traditional and innovative genres and who want to keep up with what’s new, what’s coming, and what’s defining our ever changing literary landscape.  Wraparound showcases literary work from new, emerging and established writers in new and traditional media formats.  We review books in literature and on the craft, blog on the state of the literary landscape, feature interviews with writers, editors, agents and teachers, profile MFA and PhD programs in creative writing, provide articles of interest to writers and students, and list contests, conferences, residencies, retreats and other resources of note.

Wraparound has a mission to inspire, provoke, awaken, and humanize through the art of writing by publishing works that are fresh, unique in form or content, socially aware, profound, humorous and relevant to our contemporary global culture.  We only publish the finest literary works, art, film, and graphic novels through a competitive selection process guided by our experienced team of professional editors.

Wraparound is your one virtual stop to explore and understand faces and spaces in contemporary literature.


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